Friday, July 3, 2009

Modes and Chords

Is there a simple way to remember the which major scale equals what mode and the chords they work over?

A: I wish there was a quick method but I'm not sure there is one. You just have to remember the rules, which are:

Dorian = major scale down a 2nd. (Ex: C dorian = Bb major)
Phrygian = major scale down a 3rd. (Ex: C Phrygian = Ab major)
Lydian = major scale up a 5th. (Ex: C lydian = G major)
Mixolydian = major scale up a 4th. (Ex: C mixolydian = F major)
Aolian = major scale up a minor 3rd. (Ex: C aolian = Eb major)
Locrian = major scale up a minor 2nd. (Ex: C locrian = Db major)

The chart above might help put things in perspective.


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